Two pulsating European metropolises, 700 km by bike and a short sea voyage across the Baltic - the international Berlin-Copenhagen cycle route links the German with the Danish capital, three idyllic regions and a lot of friendly people. It offers endless views of unspoiled nature, plenty of opportunities to take a swim and enjoy life, to uncover a few surprises and to make some new discoveries. Globetrotters can look forward to a dozen days (or more) of adventures an discoveries in Copenhagen, East Denmark, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Brandenburg and Berlin. 

On this page you will find useful information regarding the three stages. You may locate accomodation opportunities, and download route descriptions ( in both directions) and GPS-coordinates. Also, the page gives tips and ideas on activities and attractions along the route. Have a nice trip!  

Panorama Routes
Fjord and Fossils

On the Fjord and Fossils route you cycle close to large and small wonders of nature.

High in the sky over Præstø Fjord you see breeding water birds. At your feet, you follow adder tracks between lingonberries and heather, and at the bottom of the sea you go fossil-hunting for 65-million-...

The Sund route

If there was a competition for the most beautiful cycle tours in Denmark, the Sund Route would be one of the finalists. The tour around Guldborg Sund passes through beech forests, villages and majestic countryside - for the most part with a glimpse of the Sund.

Read the tour itinerary for...

Coast to Coast

The Coast to Coast route gives you the best views over Falster's two coastlines. Between the coasts you'll experience close-up the peace of village life.

In the old market town of Nykøbing Falster you can enjoy your lunch – like the Russian Csar Peter the Great did back in 1716.


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