Travel information

Travel information

If you do not want to cycle both out and back, many alternative transport options are available one way.

Scheduled flights, trains and buses between Berlin and Copenhagen are all a possibility. If you book far enough in advance, you may be lucky enough to get a cheap ticket.

Several airlines operate daily flights, e.g. SAS, Air Berlin and Norwegian. Please note that special rules apply to air transport of bicycles. Find out more on the airline's website.

Deutsche Bahn and DSB operate trains between Berlin and Copenhagen. Please note that you are only permitted to take your bicycle on Intercity (IC) and EuroCity (EC) – not InterCityExpress (ICE).

Buses are also available one way. Eurolines and Gråhundbus operate daily departures. Please note that it is not possible to bring your bicycle on these buses.

Various connections are available between Møn and Falster depending on the season. Either via the island of Bogø – with the ferry Ida – or over the bridge between Zealand and Falster. Ida sails from 1 May–15 September and in the autumn holidays (week 42)

Bicycle hire
Is it possible to rent a bicycle in Copenhagen and return it in Berlin?
Yes – as well as the other way round. MTB-tours in Værløse (Copenhagen) and Fahrradstation in Berlin has a joined partnership where bikes can booked through this website. This means that you do not have to cycle both ways or have to worry about transporting your bicycle back to your starting point.

Taking your bicycle on buses and trains
Bicycles are permitted in Danish and German regional and InterCity trains. But don't forget to purchase a bicycle ticket! From 1 May-31 August on InterCity trains, you also have to book a space for your bicycle.
Please note that train staff are entitled to refuse to transport your bicycle if other travellers are inconvenienced or safety is compromised.

You are allowed to take your bicycle on the majority of Danish buses, but always at the discretion of the driver. If the driver believes that there is not enough space for your bicycle, you may risk being turned away. Don't forget to purchase a bicycle ticket!

You also need to purchase a ticket for your bicycle on German buses. As on the Danish buses, the driver has the last word. This means you may be refused entry to the bus if there is not enough room for your bicycle. Long-distance buses usually do not have room for bicycles.

If you have cycled from Berlin to Copenhagen and want to return with your bicycle by train, the quickest solution is to take the regional train from Copenhagen to Nykøbing Falster and cycle from there to the ferry port in Gedser (26 km). Bicycles are permitted on trains from Rostock back to Berlin.

Check with DSB and Movia for more information about bicycles on Danish trains and buses.
See Deutsche Bahn for more information about bicycles on German trains.