ARKEN Museum for Moderne Kunst

One of Denmark's most important art museums, ARKEN - Museum of modern art, lies in Ishøj Strand just 17 kilometres from Copenhagen cite centre.

ARKEN exhibits modern art from 1990 onwards. New, important pieces are added to the collection all the time. Damien Hirst, one of our time's great artists' works are exhibited in the lobby. ARKEN offers a wide variety of pieces and is certainly worth more than one visit! In keeping with he rest of the museum's architecture, inspired by water and ships,  ARKEN CAFÉ is attached to the side of the museum like a lifeboat on a ship.

The floor brings to mind a ship's deck, and looking out the windows guests will see the breathtaking view of Køge Bay, while enjoying a delicious meal.

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ARKEN Museum for Moderne Kunst