Bødkerhuset B&B

Bødkerhuset is situated about half a mile from Karlstrup Village (about 20 miles south of Copenhagen)
It lies in a peaceful country area with a view across open fields on all sides.

The oldest part of Boedkerhuset dates back to 1865. The house is a typically old Danish farmhouse; half-timbered with a thatched roof. s House; in Danish Boedkerhuset. When the old cooper died the property was sold and the 2 houses joined together and another part added, so that the house today is formed like a T.

The renovation and furnishing have been done with respect to the old original style of the house, so that today you can enjoy the combination of old time idyllic charm and modern facilities.

Brændmosevej 18, Karlstrup
2690 Karlslunde
Tlf: +45 5614 0227/+45 4010 2580