Body Soul & Mind Platform - Massage - women only

Healing massage is a full body massage with a deep soft tender and mindfull strokes. While you relax you sink into a deep aware and peaceful state, which helps you to feel intense and a live. This healing can bring forth energy and in ways can be related to tantra massage.

Music does not interrupt the atmosphere and the massage can therefor take part in a mindless space between two people.

A conversation afterwards is filled up from the healing atmosphere, pictures, thoughts and feelings that may show up during the massage.

Physiotherapy massage is a deeper massage that open up tension and moves old feelings and blocked emotions. Can be compared to taotantrick massage.

To soft, quite music this massage is both deep and strong but also slow, soft and a light massage. It helps the lymph gland to have more energy flow and becomming more active which helps out our immune system.

This massage finish off with a face massage and visualized journey/meditation. This massage can be divided up depending on your wishes.

All massage starts with an aromatic foot bath and it takes 2 hours. Please bring warm comfortable loose clothes as afterwards one can feel cold and tired. It is best to book on a day that you can take it easy afterwards, to let the body continue to heal.

1/1 body massage for 2 hours kr. 995,-

½ body massage for 1 hour kr. 550,-


Body Soul & Mind Platform - Massage - women only
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