Discoveries II

Galleri Heike Arndt DK shows this year’s last big international exhibition, which will open on 1st November 2014.

This year’s 11 specially invited artists are:

Dorit Trebeljahr - sculpture (DE)
Niall Dooley – painting (IR/DE)
Eeva Honkanen - drawing (FI)
Kjersti Mortensen - installation (NO)
Anastasia Savinova – drawing (RU)
Katrin Siegert – mixed technique (DE)
Luca di Maggio – street art (IT)
Giuditta R - drawing (IT)
Stig O. T. Fredriksson – painting (SE)
Takuya Kurihara – drawing (JP)
Maria Persson – drawing (SE)

They are all the very pick of the past year’s exhibited artists in Berlin. Some of them are already represented at museums, while others are still untried.  

“Discoveries II” follows in the footsteps of previously exhibitions but simultaneously finds new and unexplored ways. The eleven artists will take you to a landscape full of prodigious paintings and drawings, innovative installations and challenging sculptures. Their motives, techniques and materials create tales that will make you both smile and feel alarmed but at the same time occasion you to reflect about the contemporary time and human beings as such. You will discover a new world of urban vibes, poetic colouring and playful humour. 

So come by! Join us on a journey into the modern world and the nooks of human minds. You will definitely have fun! 


Discoveries II
Rågelundevej 7-9
Kettinge 4892