Marielyst Tourist Office

At Marielyst we have completely altered how we perceive tourist information.

All year round you can come to the tourist inspirational sites at the following 4 locations:

ALDI, Stovby Ringvej 5 • LARSENS PLADS, Marielyst Strandvej 57 • MIN KØBMAND, Lupinvej 1.  • VELKOMSTCENTRET, Marielyst Strandpark 3

Here you find local tourist information and an I-pad solution guiding you through the Marielyst Area - the inspirational sites are open according to the stores opening hours. 

During high season you will find touristguides around the Marielyst area and on Torvet there will be a staffed Tourism Information during Easter vacation, High season and Autumn break. 

The alterations has been done in order to serve the tourist best, and be where the tourists are. 

If you want more information about Marielýst please contact us at E-mail: or by Tel.. +45  5413 6298 


Marielyst Tourist Office
Væggerløse 4873