M/S Freia Roedvig


M/S Freia

Discover Stevns from the waterside.

During your tour on the good ship, "FREIA" you can see Stevns from Roedvig to Hoejerup.

During the trip you can see the unique layering with chalk, fish clay, flint and lime and it is at the same time - the dramatic story of why there was a catastrophic mass death 65 million years ago, where more than half the world's plants and animals - including dinosaurs were wiped out.

ATTENTION! Max 12 seats on board.
The tour is canceled by bad weather.

Validity: 30/06 - 11/08 2014

Stevns Tourist office
Havnevej 21
4673 Roedvig
Phone: +45 56 50 64 64

Fishing with M / S Freia.

Touring & Fishing boat M / S Freia also sail out with anglers.
The fishing trip lasts approx. 6 timer.Plads to 12 people.
Price for fishing: £ 220.00 per. person.

There must be booked in advance with skipper Flemming Andersen tel
+45 2022 1122nd


M/S Freia Roedvig
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Rødvig Stevns 4673