Riding Icelandic horses

Riding Icelandic horses in Denmark, the country of bonfires, sagas and fairytales.

Now children and adults alike can experience the naturepearls of Møn (Moen) and South Sealand on the back of the small sturdy Icelandic horse.

Our vision is that you become fascinated by nature. You can therefore book horsebackriding year round to suit you, and experience the beautiful peninsula Feddet by Præstø Fjord (Praestoe Fjord). The rides go through forest, along the beautiful beach to the largest heath of Sealand, which has an interesting plant and animallife. Other rides go to the fabulous and spectacular nature found at the white cliffs of Møn. While another great option is to join a wonderful 2 day riding trip, a “Fjord to Fjord” Zealand crossing from Præstø Fjord to Avnø Fjord.

A new flexible “Horse to your doorstep” concept means that you on weekdays can book rides starting and finishing at your choosen destination. Up to 3 horses can be transported to Møn and all over South Zealand.

Whilst out and about a biologist will deliver exciting nature tales in English if so desired. Speed and times will be adjusted according to age, ability and wishes. Lack of experience is not a hindrance. Book direct on 0045/30550888 or for more info look at


Riding Icelandic horses