Roedvig Flint oven


Roedvig Flint oven

Roedvig Flint oven is a 3.5 m tall square building with 5 m.
high chimney
brick on top. A little about flint oven 's history.

An enterprising skipper, Rasmus Larsen, was in 1870 in the south of France where he had seen an oven like the one in Roedvig now - so he got the idea to build a flinteovn in Roedvig Harbour.

He had seen how flint floure could be used for fajance  imported from France, and he thought that it could be produced by the Stevns flint from the cliff. So it would be used to glaze on the beautiful earthenware, as factory Alumina Christianshavn in Copenhagen produced.

The plan succeeded, and production off flint floure was done by Rasmus Larsen and his son, Lars Peter Larsen, right up to 1910.
While the Flint oven did work, it employed approx. 15-20 man, fit the oven and carry the flint to Copenhagen.

The Flint oven which has now been moved 3 times before, now stands as a landmark for Roedvig.

For more information contact Stevns Tourist Office in Marina Roedvig or by phone +45 5650 6464th


Roedvig Flint oven
Rødvig Stevns 4673