Roskilde city bikes

Donkey Republic city bikes allow you to get around Roskilde by bike. The new city bikes are easy to access, just download the app Donkey Republic, enter your credit card information and you are ready to zip away. The price is 50 kr. minute and minimum 7 kr. per trip.

When you open the app you can find the nearest bicycle by using the card. As you approach the bike simply use your app to unlock it. When you are finished using you bike, lock the bike, and then the app will tell you the price of your trip. 

You will find the Donkey Republic bikes at Roskilde Station, at Stændertorvet and at Roskilde Harbour.

If you experience any difficulties you can always contact Donkey Republic:


Roskilde city bikes
Stændertorvet 1
Roskilde 4000