Stovby Mill

Stouby post mill in Stovby close to Væggerløse/ Marielyst on Falster is an old post mill from 1790 and is a museum today.

It is the only working post mill in Denmark and is completely restored.  

To the mill belongs also a small shop where you can buy things like coffee, cake, beer, water, ice cream, honey wine, mustard, ceramic, leather products, cosmetics and more.

opening hours: 
between the 3th sunday in June and the last sunday in August:

wednesday, thursday, friday 12 pm - 15 pm and sundays 12 pm - 14 pm.
admission: adults: 10kr, children: free of charge.

Every 3rd sunday in June there is a mill day celebrated throughout the country. On this day there will be free admission to the mill along with entertainment, music, a flea market, stalls with handcrafts, food and drinks. Moreover on this day the mill will be working - if the weather permits. But it will not be grinding flour.

If you want to visit the mill on other weekdays or want further information please contact Jytte Bavnlev +45 54 17 40 68 or +45 21 62 63; or Jens Hvolbæk at +45 72 16 72 39.


Stovby Mill
Stoubyvej 19
Væggerløse 4873