Tessebølle Sheep and Wool - Køge

Tessebølle Sheep and Wool - Farm shop – Webshop

Our farm shop selling woollen quality products is located 10 km south of central Køge, at Tessebølle.

Our selection includes:

Sheepskin (Gotland Peltsheep)

Knitting yarn of pure wool and mixtures with silk and cotton, organic yarns, knitting kits, instructions, knitting needles and other utensils, socks, felt slippers and lanolin products.

Farm Shop opening hours:

Sundays 10am-4pm and also by appointment. Please note: We attend markets on a few Sundays


Tessebølle Sheep and Wool - Køge
Gunderupvej 6, Tessebølle
Herfølge 4681