TUXEN – colour, countryside and crown

The exhibition TUXEN – colour, countryside and crown presents more than 80 works by the Skagen painter Laurits Tuxen (1853-1927). He became known as a painter of European royalty and the co-founder of Skagens Museum, but the largest Tuxen-exhibition for several decades offers a glimpse of all aspects of his impressive and masterly oeuvre, including the artist’s innovative use of colour.

It shows his appetite for several different motifs such as the figurative, plein-air, portraits, travel accounts, and scenes from everyday life in Skagen. The exhibition includes pictures rarely loaned from Skagens Museum as well as pictures loaned by private owners in the Nordic countries, England, and the USA.

The exhibition, which has been staged in close collaboration with Skagens Museum, is accompanied by guided tours, lectures, and activities for children and young people as well as a copiously illustrated exhibition catalogue.


TUXEN – colour, countryside and crown
Nystedvej 71
Toreby L 4891