Vemmetofte Præstegård Bed and Breakfast

Vemmetofte Præstegård Bed and Breakfast

Vemmetofte Vicarage, Prince Karl’s Wing AD 1717 on the moat round Vemmetofte Abbey – South Sealand.

Vemmetofte Vicarage has never before been used for public accommodation. Here is all you may wish for in way of manor atmosphere, with swans, ducks, carps and coots in the moat, the avenue’s tall whispering lime trees, a beautiful abbey garden and surrounding woods with age-old oak trees.

Enjoy the high ceilinged historic rooms and the huge, peaceful garden, or cycle down to Vemmetofte Beach, a mere two kilometres through the wood, where you will also find a restaurant.

You get there along small roads, and still Copenhagen is just 60 minutes away, and Stevns Cliffs are within a few kilometres from here.

Our breakfast is a presentation of local, organic quality products: Eggs from our neighbour’s hens, home made Danish beer and bread soup with a sprinkle of finely grated lemon peel, newly baked bread, Vibeke’s jams and marmalades and daily surprises.

We look forward to showing you wonderful South Sealand at its best.


Vemmetofte Præstegård Bed and Breakfast
Klostervej 2, Vemmetofte
Faxe 4640