War on the Christmas tree

War on the Christmas tree

“The tree is decorated in red and white. The basket of Christmas biscuits abounds. We tell why there are drums, trumpets and Dannebrog-festoons on the Danish Christmas trees. This year marks the fact that it is 150 years since Denmark lost a large part of the kingdom to the Germans. Hear the story of Peter, whose father and brothers were fighting during The Storm of Dybboel in 1864. Now it is Christmas again, and Peter can tell that it's different. I wonder if it will be a Merry Christmas at Peters home.”

So the stage is set for a Historically cosy and different Christmas event at the old Town Hall on Sunday. December 7, 11:00 to 12:30. Discover our amazing facilitators tell a good story about Peter and Christmas, and try for yourself to make great Christmas tree decorations from historic Christmas designs. The event is for the whole family.

It takes place in the Town Hall where a large beautiful Christmas tree with lights and decorations create a lovely Christmas atmosphere. There is Christmas biscuits and juice for the kids and a coffee or tea for the adults.

There are limited seating.

Tickets are available here or presale at The Danish Castle Center, Ticket-sales.

The Danish Castle Center, Kornerups Town Hall, Algade 97, 4790 Vordingborg, Tel no.: +45 7070 1236, email:


Entré: 65DKK.


War on the Christmas tree
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